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Carlee Susan Downer Scholarship

July 12, 1977 - January 2, 1995

Camp was a time that Carlee looked forward to every summer from the time she started going as a 5th grader. She attended Camp each summer and looked forward to the special relationships she had with the people of all ages she met there.


She served as a counselor at the very first 3rd and 4th grade Camp and developed a very special bond with third grader, Missy Roe. She worked as a counselor two more years with her mom, Trudi as director of the 5th and 6th Grade Camps. Missy was in her cabin each year. Carlee formed many treasured friendships with campers and counselors. Marissa Christensen Schmidt and Carlee shared birthday celebrations at Camp. Missy and Marissa have long been considered members of our family.


Carlee shared counseling time with her sister, Jennifer too. Carlee would be so proud that Jennifer’s four children are active campers too. Carlee looked forward to seeing Marvin Pelo at Camp each year. In 1995, Marvin shared a special memorial to Carlee at Sacred Place of the Most High during the youth camp she would have been counseling with Missy assisting and Carlee’s mom and sister present.

Carlee loved Mimanagish as a special place, but to Carlee, Camp was the people and the special time with God in the wilderness. Carlee dreamed of one day directing a Camp and maybe being Camp Manager. She spent much time inviting others to Camp and encouraging relationships among campers. In 1995 at the Conference Annual Meeting, the Conference Campership fund was dedicated as the Carlee Downer Scholarship Fund.


This fund makes it possible for campers who would not be able to go to camp to experience this transformational experience. COM Fundraising this year will be dedicated to building the Conference Carlee Downer Scholarship fund to keep Outdoor Ministry available for Conference Campers! 


Carlee’s name is also on the Molt Church Camp Fund which allows youth to fundraise and earn Camp fees and a donation in Carlee’s name each year fills the funding so every youth can go to Camp – Carlee’s dream.

“Camp is a special place where you can be yourself and be loved for being yourself.”

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