Montana - N. Wyoming Conference UCC                                                                                                                    Green Team Ministry


Green Team...Healing the Earth

Our mission is to support Conference churches and members in facilitating conversation leading to action that sustains the sacred quality of earth’s environment.

Goal #1:    Share information with Conference churches about becoming a Creation Justice Church

Goal #2:   Engage in political advocacy around clean energy solutions to heal the earth

Goal #3:   Identify someone at each Conference church to be a Green Team liaison/member

Team Members

Cheryl Stewart

Marc Stewart

Amy Carter

Marynell Perrin

Illa Dee Talcott

Graham Roy

Joan Nye

Martha Wright

Barbara Miner

Patty Martinson
Bob Miller

Sally Babcock

Guy Pontoriero

Leader, Billings

Conference Minister

Board Liaison, Billings

Member, Custer

Member, Broadus

Member, Missoula

Member, Columbus

Member, Buffalo

Member, Billings

Member, Billings
Member, Buffalo

Member, Bozeman

Member, Glendive