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conference annual meeting - materials, videos, documents

CAM 2024

Billings First Congregational

Mayflower Congregational

September 26, 27, 28, 29 - 2024

In-person & Zoom Hybrid

CAM 2023

Great Falls First Congregational

Fairfield United Church of Christ

September 29, 30 - October 1, 2023

In-person & Zoom Hybrid


We've Never Been This Way

Joshua 3:1-6

Event Logo


Welcome, Schedule, Workshops

Letter of Call

Meeting Minutes 2022 (to Approve)

Conference Minister Report

Moderator Report

Treasurer Report

     Proposed Budget 2024

     Proposed Narrative Budget 2024

     Balance Sheet 12.31.22

     Balance Sheet 8.31.23

     Budget Year to Date

     Approved Budget 2024

Outdoor Ministry Report

Church and Ministry Report

Registrar Report

Nominating Report

Green Team Report

RMC Spiritual Life Report

MSUB Campus Ministries Report

Conference Bylaws

Map Directions

Combined Packet of Materials


Weekly CAM Notice #1

Weekly CAM Notice #2

Weekly CAM Notice #3

Weekly CAM Notice #4


Registration for CAM

Registration for Planned Giving


Conference Conversations

Business Meeting I - Morning

Business Meeting II - Afternoon

State of the Conference Address

Sunday Worship in Fairfield


Draft Minutes (not posted yet)


Budget Hearing - September 26

Planned Giving Seminar

Reunion Picnic in Fairfield
Holy Rummage Sale


Forward With a - Sanctified Strut

The Rev. Dr. James Fouther

Western Region Generosity Officer United Church of Christ

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