Recordings of 30 minutes Times of Centering and Mindfulness Zoom gatherings.

Healing Moment will offer calming music, spiritual devotionals and a different Mindfulness experience each week. The Mindfulness experience is intended to give each attendee time to slow down and experience peace. Find a comfortable, quiet space, sitting or lying down, and prepare to feel relaxed and refreshed each week. Each Mindfulness experience will be easy for you to use again during the week.


The Mindfulness Experience will be led by Rev. Dr. Barbara E. Miner.

As a psychotherapist and spiritual leader Barbara conducts group and community training and healing. She was a clinical psychologist at 4 VA sites, and now teaches Mindfulness, Mind-Body and Reconnection workshops to the military on behalf of Red Cross. She also teaches Mind-Body skills to Red Cross staff and volunteers. She provides group Mindfulness experiences and training live and online. Mindfulness videos are available on YouTube, just search Dr.BarbaraMiner and you will find a selection there.  She is a writer, public speaker, university educator and serves on the Rocky Mountain College Board of Trustees. More information can be found at her website,


* Please note that Healing Moment Mindfulness Experiences are offered free to the larger community. The Mindfulness Experiences are not meant to be therapy, a support group, nor counseling. 

March 30 Safe Space Creative Visualization

April 6 Peaceful Place Meditation

April 13 Compassion for Ourselves and for Others

Montana - N. Wyoming Conference, United Church of Christ

Montana-Northern Wyoming Conference UCC
2016 Alderson Avenue - Billings, Montana 59102
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Monday thru Friday - 9:00 to 4:00
Saturday and Sunday - Closed

National Holidays - Closed