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U.S. Laws Governing Nonprofit Boards and Electronic Voting.


State by State regulations regarding electronic voting, and parliamentary Procedures for Virtual Meetings.


The initial research for this report began with the question “Can nonprofit boards vote online?” The

intent was to determine the legal parameters within which a board portal’s voting feature could
operate. Our research approach was to identify the language in each state’s nonprofit legal code
concerning voting procedures and determine the extent to which each state either supported or
prohibited a nonprofit board from voting electronically. 


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Q and A:
Cares Act Information

Cares Act information from Republican Leader, Kevin Brady, House Ways
and Means Committee regarding unemployment for employees
and self-employed.


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Family First Coronavirus Information

Information from UCC General Counsel Heather Kimmel.


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covid 19 / electronic voting

Refundable Payroll Tax Credit

Memorandum on refundable payroll tax credit that is available.

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Chart of Sick Leave and Extended Leave Circumstances

Chart of sick leave and extended leave circumstances.

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