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On Weaponizing Racism.

In recent days, Chinese Americans have reported being spat at, threatened and physically attacked.

The rise in anti-Asian assaults at grocery stores and schools, and in subway stations and neighborhoods, has not spared children: A 16 year-old boy was attacked at his San Fernando Valley High School in California, as classmates accused him of spreading COVID-19.  The boy was briefly hospitalized out of fear that he may have received a concussion from the assault. 

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Southern Poverty Law Center Actions.

We are only beginning to feel the impacts of the coronavirus, but we know that the communities we serve — including low-income people, immigrants and people of color — are already among the most affected.

As restaurants and businesses across the country are shutting their doors, more and more people are suddenly without paychecks. Families may not be able to put food on their tables. School closures are affecting millions of children who may go hungry without free and reduced-price school meals. And people who are sick may be afraid to seek treatment because they are among the 27.5 million in the United States who do not have health coverage.

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Online Social Media attacks.

Social media users have called Chinese people "dirty," used ethnic slurs and fueled Asian stereotypes.

Like many young people, Cheenee Osera enjoys posting videos to TikTok. The 23-year-old has racked up almost 45,000 followers with her upbeat dance moves and lip-syncing.

But lately, the joy of the social network has faded. The reason: Osera started receiving a flood of hurtful remarks on her live videos after the novel coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, China, in December.

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Open Letter regarding Racism and Hatred exhibited towards people of Asian descent.

Dear Friends and Family in the Communities of Northern California and Northern Nevada,

We, as Christians, unequivocally condemn and deplore racist acts and the promotion of hatred based on perceived racial markers. People of Asian descent are essential members of our community, human beings of inherent dignity and worth.

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Steps of Teaching Tolerance.

As COVID-19 infections increase, so too does racism and xenophobia. Use our “Speak Up” strategies to let people know you’re not OK with racist or xenophobic comments about coronavirus or anything else.

Across the United States right now, people are feeling isolated and afraid. As schools and businesses close, people are worrying about their health, their families, their jobs and their future. All of these worries make sense, and of course there’s nothing wrong with being afraid. But as people share news, fears and concerns, some people are sharing something else, as well: racism and xenophobia.


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White supremacist groups seeking to escalate violence.

Far-right extremists believe the intense uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19 will aid their ability to recruit new members into their movement. The pandemic has unleashed a feeling of collective anxiety about the economy, unemployment, public health and an uncertain future. The Trump administration’s inconsistent messaging has heaped more unpredictability onto an already formidable crisis. 


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“Zoom-Bombing” church and judicatory zoom meetings have been happening.

Picture the scene: You are logging into a business meeting using the popular online video app Zoom. Once into the Zoom meeting, each participant starts to introduce themselves, until, suddenly, screaming–and an uninvited young woman appears waving manically at the screen. 

This is the new COVID-19 reality: If you are using Zoom without the right precautions, you are vulnerable to a practice known as “Zoom-bombing.” This sees uninvited attendees viewing your business meeting, or worse, sharing pornographic images and content.

No one’s immune from this threat. Take, for example, founder and editor in chief of tech website The Information, Jessica Lessin, who tweeted a week ago about how her video call was hijacked by someone who shared pornography.

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