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New World of Church Stewardship, video of UCC panelists including
Rev. Courtney Stange-Tregear, for an index of other Stewardship videos.


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Higher attendance, lower giving:
New survey shows how churches are responding to COVID-19. 


(RNS) — Giving is down, attendance is up and a good number of pastors still aren’t sure what they’re going to do about Easter.

Those are some of the big takeaways in a new Barna survey of Protestant pastors from across the United States about their churches’ responses to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The crisis is starting to take its toll” on church leaders as it becomes clear the measures needed to slow the spread of the virus will stretch on much longer than first thought, according to David Kinnaman, president of the California-based Christian research firm.


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Stewardship: Generosity during a time of pandemic, video and transcript of time with Andrew Warner.

Congregations face financial challenges related to the pandemic. Over 84% of individual donations to a congregation come in through the offering plate. Now that most congregations ceased in-person gatherings, we need to equip congregations with new ways to receive gifts. We begin by remembering the central importance of generosity. The practice of generosity – like all our spiritual practices – deepens the sense of hope, purpose, and meaning in people. Several studies demonstrate the connection between generosity and a sense of well being and happiness. 

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Sample Letter for Congregations

Sample letter for congregations to address stewardship and giving in these times, from Andrew Warner, UCC Officer for Generosity, and the Wisconsin Conference UCC.

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covid 19 / church finances


Small Business Administration loan information and application.
Loans are available to non-profits (501c3) such as churches.

Small Business Loan Resources

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