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Book group study on climate change,

"Cathedral on Fire”.

The urgency of the climate crisis requires that we act as if our cathedrals and churches are on fire. Indeed, God’s creation can be seen as one grand cathedral on fire with burning forests and rising temperatures. Amid this dire situation, Brooks Berndt focuses our attention on the unique and vitally needed gifts that churches can offer. He writes with poetic passion but also with an eye toward the practical as every chapter ends with suggested, field-tested actions. The book is designed so that church book groups can discuss one chapter a week from Earth Sunday (April 19th) to Pentecost (May 31st). With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020, the book provides the perfect opportunity to inform and inspire church members to act.


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Opinion Piece about the differentiating from short term CoVid responses and long term Climate Change responses.


A global emergency. Wartime mobilization. Calls to “listen to the scientists.” Demands for radical shifts in policy and human behavior. Tradeoffs between sacrifices today and larger suffering in the future. Politicization by all sides.

The parallels between the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and climate change are obvious. But contrary to the received wisdom among many climate analysts and advocates, those parallels mostly reveal just how different the two challenges are.

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Creation Justice Ministries
Spring 2020 newsletter: Capsules

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Scholarly Information on Climate Change and CoVid.


Air pollution makes people more vulnerable to respiratory infections; climate change brings people in closer contact with animals that can spread disease. Doctors and public health researchers are getting an increasingly accurate and nuanced picture of the many ways climate change damages human health.


Now, questions have arisen about whether climate change contributed to the outbreak of COVID-19, whose spread the World Health Organization declared a pandemic on Wednesday. For example, did habitat loss, driven in part by climate change, make it easier for pathogens to spread among wildlife and for the virus to jump to humans? Does air pollution, mainly from the burning of fossil fuels, make some people more vulnerable to contracting the illness? 


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covid 19 / cathedral on fire

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Article on EPA relaxing environmental protections amidst pandemic.

WHILE HEALTH EXPERTS around the country are focused on containing the spread of the coronavirus, the Environmental Protection Agency is making changes that could both worsen the impact of the current crisis and hamstring responses to future pandemics. In addition to moving full speed ahead with a plan to limit the use of research based on private health data, the EPA is temporarily lifting requirements on enforcement of pollution laws.


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