covid 19 - pastoral care and self care

Spiritual Resources for Care and Resilience in the Time of Coronavirus.

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Global Ministries: Live Facebook updates focusing on various regions of the world.

Global Ministries is hosting COVID-19 Facebook Live updates from Area Executives. These updates will include information about how partners are experiencing and responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The brief update will conclude in a prayer.

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Green Faith: Spiritual Resource for Care and Resilience.

This is a frightening time. We are in a crisis that most of us have never experienced. We are frightened for our families and communities. And at the same time, we know that we are likely to experience more and more crises like this in a world of accelerating climate change. The disruptions are especially catastrophic to those already on the frontlines, those most in danger, and those most vulnerable.

But we are coming together, in Faith Communities of Care of Resilience, standing up for one another and being with each other.  We are building a world of love, justice, and compassion - right here and now, as people of faith and spirit. 

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Ministerial Assistance from UCC Pension Board for retired clergy and spouses​.


United Church Board for Ministerial Assistance (UCBMA), the philanthropic arm of the Pension Boards-United Church of Christ, operates with a covenantal spirit as it:

1) provides direct financial support and compassionate responses to authorized ministers, lay church employees, and their surviving spouses/partners, in times of urgent need and personal crises

2) administers and raises funds for leadership initiatives that promote faithful and fruitful ministry across the United Church of Christ

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Convergence: 1) Piloting Faith 
2) free course “what will happen to our churches?”

I know we just celebrated Easter.     We told the story of the empty tomb. We reminded ourselves that God brings resurrection from the crucifying experiences of life. It's a story we've known and told over and over for so many years. But this year feels different...

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Pacific NW Conference Conference Minister Blog: “When will it be okay for us to gather again?”

Take a deep breath. Let it out slowly. Take another deep breath. Let that one out slowly, too.

This is going to be my longest email to you about this pandemic season, yet, but it needs to be. It addresses one of the questions I’ve been hearing a lot lately, “When will be it OK for us to gather, again?”

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Montana - N. Wyoming Conference, United Church of Christ

Montana-Northern Wyoming Conference UCC
2016 Alderson Avenue - Billings, Montana 59102
406-656-8688 /

Monday thru Friday - 9:00 to 4:00
Saturday and Sunday - Closed

National Holidays - Closed