What a wonderful season we had at Camp Mimanagish during the summer of 2019. We truly did break down walls as we participated in programming, meals, chores, activities and fellowship at this special place. As I travelled down the mountain this past week for the last time, I reflected on the wide variety of camps and campers that attended, and wrapped up a treasure chest of memories in my heart. Magic happened!

As Committee for Outdoor Ministry begins its work for 2020 and beyond, we hope to build new adventures, new magic that can only happen when we join friends new and old for fellowship away from electronics and the hectic pace that is every day life. See you next season!


Trudi Downer, Chair

Committee for Outdoor Ministry


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Kickoff and Family Camp 2019
Creative Arts Camp 2019
Ove the Hill Gang 2019
Grandparents and Me 2019
Pride Cam 2019
Senior High MADD Camp 2019
Mini and Me Camp 2019
Grade Camp 345 2019
Grade Camp 678 2019
Mom and Me 2019
Pay It Forward Service Cam 2019
Soul of Aging 2019
Geography of Grace 2019
Fishing Cap 2019
Yoga and Wellness 2019

Kickoff and Family Camp

Kick- off and Family Camps will run concurrently. Nate and Trudi will lead kick-off activities to coordinate the work of those getting Camp ready for the season. Michael will lead family programming for those who wish to experience the special peace of sharing faith time at this special place. Some of you have experienced this unique camping experience before and others of you are coming for the first time. We hope you are as excited as your Camp leaders are to get to Camp Mimanagish. This will truly be a time to bond as a family of faith and to get this special place ready for the 2019 Camp Mimanagish Season.

This year Family Camp programming will focus on what it means to come to the Place of Singing Waters and explore... discover “Breaking Down Walls”…. to be still, hear His voice, His call... open our hearts to the Lord and to share with each other the Spiritual walls we have overcome... and perhaps even lay siege a storm to the walls that still stand in our way of enjoying Him. A time to safely share our joys and sorrows of our lives. We will discover tools on how to bring everything to Him “with Prayer, supplication and with thanksgiving” and perhaps learn what it means to experience the Peace of God that transcends all understanding, and discover His Peace… "For he himself is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility…” We are Family in Christ.


May 24 thru May 27


Creative Arts

Creative Arts Camp 2019 celebrates the divine, creative spirit within each of us. Class instruction is provided in mosaic, painting and block printing by experienced teachers. No experience necessary; activities are suitable for all ages. Material costs are included in the camp registration.

Our time together is enhanced by meditation, games, laughter and sharing. We encourage you to arrive on Thursday night (included in registration) to relax and acclimate to camp. You can read, hike, nap, fish, journal, sit by the camp fire or watch art movies. Creative Arts Camp is limited to 25 participants. Please register early. If questions, contact Virginia Bryan, camp program leader at phone number 406.690.1662 or by email to vbryan1041@gmail.com.

June 27 thru June 30


Over the Hill Gang

Do you like to do service work? Do you like to Contribute to the Beautification of Mimanagish? Would you like to leave your mark at Camp? This is the time for you to get dirty, complete a project, have fellowship, and be nourished by Mimanagish.

June 27 thru June 30


Grandparents and Me

Surely two of the most satisfying experiences in life must be those of being a grandchild or a grandparent. It can’t get any better than sharing those experiences at Camp Mimanagish. This camp for many of our young grandchildren is the first trip to this very special place. For our older grandchildren, this is more time at camp and a chance to share this sacred space with others.Grandparents find a special time of fellowship, spiritual renewal and building a special bond with grandchildren in a wilderness setting close to God.

Grandparents & Me Camp is built around a spiritual theme. We will work together, fellowship together, play together, sing together and worship together. Community is built in this wonderful place and inspires us to take our learning home to grow and nurture in our homes, churches and communities so that Camp Mimanagish keeps happening throughout the year.

July 5 thru July 8


Pride Camp

This camp is for LGBT+ families and children, couples, children, individuals,or any combination of LGBT+. It will encompass a spiritually broad based program to assist families, children and their families, and individuals to connect with a God of their own understanding without fear of judgment or condemnation for who they are. Emphasized themes will be of personal value and worth, and an understanding of being loved by God just as we are.

July 10 thru July 14


Senior High MADD Camp

Plan for traditional camp activities - hiking, campfires, singing, talent show and dance - along with programming that integrates music, art, creative writing and more to help us explore the theme of the week. Senior High Camp is about growing in faith, making new friends, enjoying God’s amazing creation and becoming the best “you” you can be. 

July 14 thru July 20


Mini and Me Camp

Mini and Me Camp is designed as a three-day introduction to youth camp at Camp Mimanagish for both youth and their families. Youth who have just completed grades K-2nd grade are invited to bring an important adult in their lives for the fun of traditional youth camp wrapped within the fundamental ideals of the United Church of Christ faith tradition -- extravagant welcome for all and the building of community life that supports a more just and sustainable world.

Join us for outdoor group activities, arts and crafts,natural experiences and an evening gathering around the campfire. Perhaps most importantly, our youth camp program at Camp Mimanagish is built in and around the beauty and power of our beloved mature forest. All together Mini and Me serves as an introduction to the mission of Camp Mimanagish--to provide a place where kids are safe to explore who they are, how they matter, and that they belong.

July 19 thru July 21


Grade Camp 3, 4, 5

This is camp is a full week long for youth entering grades 3, 4 and 5. Join us as we explore this Sacred Wilderness, develop and strengthen friendships and grow our faith. We will keep our eyes open for everyday miracles as we hike and pray, walk the labyrinth and gather around the campfire, study our Sacred Stories and splash in the Little Hudson. Get ready to create, unplug and refresh!

July 21 thru July 27


Grade Camp 6, 7, 8

This camp is for youth entering grades 6, 7, and 8. At this camp, we are hoping that you will learn more about yourself, make special friends, get closer to God, and enjoy God’s creation. You can look forward to hiking, games, crafts, Family Group discussions, Bible study, worship and singing, Talent Show, morning vespers, Mimanagish Olympics, and a banquet. Plan to join us and bring a friend!

July 28 thru August 3


Mom and Me Camp

Moms and kids of all ages can always benefit from quality time together. Take the time to spend quality time together in nature reconnecting while being nourished through food and fellowship. Moms and kids of all ages and combinations are welcome.    

August 3 thru August 5


Pay It Forward Service Camp

Come disconnect from the rushing daily life and reconnect with nature, self, and spirit at the same time you help improve Mimanagish for those whom will enjoy it after you have left your fingerprint. Give Mimanagish your love, and it will give back fourfold.       

August 3 thru August 5


Soul of Aging

The Soul of Aging camp is similar to the Geography of Grace while focusing on the topic of Aging. When was the last time someone really listened deeply to you? Are you in a season of discernment? What is your soul longing for?

August 17 thru August 20


Geography of Grace

The Soul of Aging camp is similar to the Geography of Grace while focusing on the topic of Aging. When was the last time someone really listened deeply to you? Are you in a season of discernment? What is your soul longing for?

Parker Palmer teaches that each of us has an “inner teacher”, a spirit, or soul, divine spark, or essence. When we are faced with discernment or decisions, or simply want to reflect on our growing edges, our inner teacher can provide the wisdom we need. However, most of us are not well-practiced in accessing this important resource. In a Circle of Trust, using poetry and essays, journaling and silence, and a technique called “honest and open questions”, a small group can help a person go deeper and gain insights.

The 7-session retreat experience called “A Geography of Grace” offers these opportunities. Cathy Barker will lead the journey, using skills from her experience and training by the Center for Courage and Renewal, founded on Parker Palmer’s work. She has taught this course over twenty times. 


Based on metaphors from the geography of the land and sky, this series invites an exploration of the inner self. The themes include Forest Community, Mountain Edges, Water and Release, and many others. Held in a safe and welcoming circle, these experiences are designed to help a person consider, in community, this inner and outer geography. The theme of grace also weaves throughout the sessions. The emphasis is on spiritual growth, rather than on any particular faith. Discernment and transformation often result.

A recent participant said this: “Geography of Grace was not churchy, preachy, religious, biased, or directed. It is an open question to your soul. It starts as a random group of people and quickly becomes open and cohesive. They are willing to listen, support, and uplift you on your personal journey. If you are open to the experience you will explore the deep regions of your own soul. The discoveries can be life changing.”

August 30 thru September 2


Fishing Camp​

Experience time on the Boulder River at Mimanagish while being introduced to flying fishing with casting instructions and practice. Explore the wild waters with fellowship and fishing until your hearts content.


August 30 thru September 2


Yoga and Wellness Retreat

Mimanagish is the perfect setting for this hybrid retreat that incorporates yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices. This 3-night, 4-day, rustic retreat offers a nurturing, playful environment that will allow you to refresh your body, mind and spirit, and reconnect to the beauty of your true essence. Through interactive sessions, we’ll explore transformative practices like yoga, meditation, Reiki, the use of essential oils, journaling, herbal remedies, hiking, and more. Uncover, discover your wildish self with us at Camp Mimanagish 2019!


September 5 thru September 8


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